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ORGAZMIK Online: Interview with Peter North

On the Olympus of porn, Peter North inhabits one of the most luxurious mansions. Since the mid-eighties he took part in well over 1500 movies. He got his good reputation not only because of his steadfastness and remarkable tool, but with his legendary extra-juicy cum-shots. When we got the chance to interview this legend of porn, Dixon Deeper lost no time in getting his idol to divulge all manner of interesting facts about his career, the secret to his success, and an answer to the question: who he'd most like to fuck after all these years.

Dixon Deeper (ORGAZMIK): Please tell us a little bit about your starting out. When did you decide to get into porn and why, how did you go about it?

Peter North: Several years ago I was working at a gym and was approached by some people and asked if I wanted to do a scene with 5 girls and 3 guys on a sailboat. I was in between jobs and thought why not.

Being in the pornbiz for quite some time now still delivering top-notch performances, how long are you willing to go on for?

I think I still have a few years left in me. As long as fresh new talent keeps coming in I have a definite motivation!

Not many performers have been active as long as you have. What are, in your opinion, the major positive and negative developments the biz has seen?

The main positive aspect is that it has gained some mainstream acceptance. And negative, because it was a booming business for so long now, the Quality of product seems to be watered down. Everyone with a camera thinks they can make a porn but there is more to it than that. The market is saturated with new upstart companies with raunchier and raunchier scenes. Ultimately, that may be what hurts this business the most.

How would you sum up the state of the porn industry, as it is right now, family business or mean moneymaking machine?

Mean Money Making machine. Flat out!

Who did you enjoy working with most? Are there categories of talent you prefer like young blondes, busty mature redheads?

Jenna was great, Ginger Lynn was incredible, Christy Canyon, Candy Evans, Briana Banks, ... mmmmmmm - the list goes on and on. As a whole I don't have any preference between blondes or brunettes I just like a natural body and natural breasts, preferably "C+".

Is there anyone you would love to work with but haven't yet?

Paris Hilton.

If there's something like the "Peter North Style of Porn", shooting and/or performing, how would you describe it?

So much porn now just tries to shock and push the envelope. My style is more Hot, Passionate, and Intense. I try to capture the realism in a scene, real orgasms real chemistry, and I think that is what has made me what I am today. The connection I make with the girls is very important to me.

It is said your trademark, loads and loads of spunk, stem from a rigorous diet. True? Does that mean that before you got into herbs and all your cumshots were just like anybody elses'?

They were above average to begin with but to work like I have for so long overall health and fitness is a must. I eat right, work out religiously, don't smoke don't drink. But the herbal supplements are a necessity just because of what I do being so draining on the overall body; not just my cum shot.

What about your new "Peter North's Secret"-pills and average Joe's performance once he starts taking them? Is he actually bound to experience some serious boost?

It absolutely works! I swear it. I take it everyday. I have tried different products over the years but nothing has helped me produce time after time like this supplement. That is why I finally decided to endorse something and put my name and picture on the bottle.

What's the benefit of having your own production company, "Northstar"?

The main reason I started my own distribution company is I wanted to be able to put out as many lines and as many volumes of each as I wanted. I didn't want to have to compete for placement or getting a spot in the release cycle. Now I have the freedom to shoot Interracial, POV, Latina, Young Girl line, and soon my new Internal Cum shot line... I can reach a wider audience that may prefer different things.

What's your take on the recent HIV-infections? Do you think industry standards are safe enough or what do you think would improve them?

The standards we have in place absolutely work. They have worked for years. The problems arise when people go places and shoot where health issues are not as big of a concern. I am very comfortable shooting in the US and Europe. However, collectively we always have to be vigilant. Check tests check ID's, etc. but that should go without saying. It does send a strong message as to how quickly this industry can be brought to its knees and just how quickly it can spread.

(Dixon Deeper, August 2004)

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