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ORGAZMIK Online: Interview with Christoph Clark

It's a well known fact that the most exciting women and the coolest actors with the stiffest baguettes come from France. One of them is the former actor Monsieur Christoph Clark, now directing and producing. Favoured by mothers-in-law, he keeps his age a mystery (probably born in 1958). He began his career as performer in the late 70's. He showed off his naked bum in countless movies. As performer he lays claim to hundreds of flicks. Since 1996 he pulls the genital strings behind the camera as producer and director. Legendary buttman-Stagliano from US-label EVIL ANGEL is known to be a close pal and promoter of clark's fleshly - visions. The dinosaur among the stars is renowned to be extremely difficult where the giving of interviews is concerned. Nevertheless we were able to ply him, with the offer of a free bottle of Perrier, to give us an impromptu interview in Berlin.

Lenzl4 (ORGAZMIK): Monsieur Christoph Clark how and why did it all start?

Christoph Clark: I started to work as a model in 1978. Women always fascinated me, especially older ones. When I worked in a café in Paris, I used to get very nervous when certain ladies turned up: Their chic clothes, the crossed legs in their stockings, the make-up they wore and their attitude, that kind of arrogant air about them. All those little details enraged me... no more of my obsession (laughs), because I never dared talk to them.

... that means women are or were your passion?

Yes exactly, still are! After the modeling-job I first started to work as an actor for a Swedish producer...

What production firm was it?

Hmmmm, I can't remember..., the director was always wearing this huge black hat. Anyway, there I could finally have sex with all the types of women, that I never dared approach as a young man. In those days the actresses were mature women a lot of the time. Oh well, these days you meet all these young chicks who look really hot, but a lot of them lack that special something...

Which is?

(thinks about it) I'd say you could call it charisma. Still, when I get chatting to girls that are only just starting in the business at a casting in Budapest, I do get these emotions after a while and I think: "She would fit just perfect in a DP scene". A lot of people think Christoph is a sex-driven animal, in front of and behind the camera, but I don't see myself as a sex-maniac.

As what do you see yourself?

... rather as a man with manners, who cherishes women and is fascinated by them. Especially today it's important, working in our business, to respect the women. A lot of producers treat them like props to be used and discarded afterwards...

... and you woo them with...

My charm! Well, I'm no spring chicken anymore.

... boah!

(Laughs) I'm 45 now, and the girls who turn up at the castings are young. As you can imagine, in time you learn how to behave towards women. Often I talk to them, find out what they like. There's no nasty surprises at my productions. The girls know exactly what to expect, moneywise as well as sexually. A girl doesn't want to do anal, fine, I'll respect that. At the casting I take the time to talk to the girls. I'm still a little attractive, (laughs) I do some weight-training and am lucky enough to still look as good as when I started out, 20 years ago (laughs). That is a good influence on my models and they feel good at my shoot. That's very important for my good name as producer - there's nothing worse in the porn-biz than to get a reputation as an abuser.

In France, movies like BAISE-MOI and the talk of prohibiting broadcasting of porn even on Pay-TV have led to heated discussion. What's your opinion on sexual violence and testing out the limits of acceptable behaviour?

Personally I've not seen BAISE-MOI, but I think it's a matter of interpretation in any case. You watch a man and a woman in a park, they embrace, maybe he gropes her a bit, there's always someone who'll find a reason to complain. It's a personal thing to judge any situation. I mean, I've met actresses who virtually pushed their big open asshole at me, horny as hell, wanting to get fucked. At times like that you know: You can let the models fuck any way they like, no holds barred.

But watching some of your movies one does get the distinct impression that your into rather harder sex.

Look, I always adapt to the situation that develops on the set. There's ladies who have no worries about being confronted with well-equipped lads who'll treat them a little rough. You know, dicks rammed down their throats until they get tears in their eyes, a bit of rough anal sex... But really, come on, what else is porn for? It's supposed to play to the audience's fantasies. You get enough romance in real life, so porn can be a little wild.

Do you instruct the cast during the shoots, or do you just let them get on with the fucking?

I rarely have to direct during the shoot. I choose models who enjoy sex. If you get the right people in front of a camera, nothing much can go wrong. Sure, from time to time I think, well this could do with a little more verve, and then I'll try to motivate the models.

What makes a good porn-movie?

I believe that if someone watches a porn movie, and he's happy with just 5 minutes of it, finds it sexy, then the film has accomplished its mission. Porn movies offer people fantasies, 'phantasmes' as we say in France. Sex-films are like shopping at the super-market, take what you fancy. Whether it's a particular model on the cover or a scene depicted on it ... and you enjoy your beautiful and sexy moments with it.

Tell me, do you think there's a difference between European and American productions?

Yes, definitely. I've worked with EVIL ANGEL and John Stagliano in the USA for a long time now. They liked my style, my European models. I belive EVIL ANGEL is one of the best 'wall-to-wall' production companies at the moment, because they employ different directors with different visions. That's how you get a variety of movies from the same label. Look, these days anyone can afford to buy a camera and software for his computer. That's how there's so many people making porn. I do believe though, that only the really good producers will survive the pressure of the market, whether you produce in Europe or America.

... I think the American performers are better actors.

Yes, sure. There's a stronger tendency to flaunt yourself. It's the only way to get ahead in the states. And to get people talking about you, even in the porn business, you've got to show off. Talent, well that's another kettle of fish.

.. and that's why there's more feature-productions from the USA.

... which I don't particularly like, by the way. All those soft-movies, there's no real action. In German Pay-TV too, much too decent. I like and produce sex-films where you can see people have fun fucking. Anything else is too much bother, with writing scripts and all that.

... with Stagliano's EVIL ANGEL there's more for the eye than the brain.

Don't forget, Stagliano invented "Gonzo" Film. We were all fixated on chicks' asses at the beginning of the 90's. Then came Stagliano, took a video-camera and began to tell chicks in the street what great asses they had, that they should get undressed and ended up fucking them, camera in hand. The result was the birth of one of the most succesful series, still going and an inspiration for many producers.

Talking of inspiration, what do you think of FASHIONISTAS?

I think the movie is a true masterpiece. I can tell you, I know Stagliano damn well, he's an important friend for me and this movie was his obsession. He had to make that film. He didn't care if it was going to be commercially successful or not. The story and vision, things that burned in him ... and what became of it: a fascinating masterpiece that brings together hefty sex, great sexy images and a good story. Siffredi is amazing in this move.

Siffredi occasionaly even gets offers for mainstream stuff...

Yes, I think this Breillart woman, the director of ROMANCE, just had the hots for Siffredi, he shows some great performances in his flicks. So she builds a movie around the guy and gets her sexual fantasies realised.

Contrary to Siffredi you slipped behind the camera.

You're talking to the Gilbert in Christoph Clark, the private Clark, the married one who's a father too. I wanted to have a family. You know, there's times in life when you're trying to find a new path. For me that moment arrived when I started a family. Sure, people approach me in the street. People say 'Hi'. A little while ago, in a seedy part of Paris, this shady guy came up and thanked me for making these movies. (laughs).

No star-attitude then.

Well, I do wonder somtimes why none from the French mainstream movie-business has approached me yet. As you know, when you look at my films when I as still in front of the camera: I love to act. My biggest wish would be to have a career in acting. Somehow Siffredi managed to talk to some French producers, and they called his number ... I'm still waiting for that call.

You're not going to change careers on us now, are you?

(Grins) No, of course not! I love my job, even if I have a family and lead a pretty normal married-life, I still love many women all over the world. A nurse at the hospital with a certain aura, the light falling on a blouse in a certain way and letting the bra' shimmer through, that's things that still excite me. As long as I get that feeling I'll be producing sex-films.

(Lenzl4, October 2003)

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